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This picture was taken from above and shows the Tyndall effect in subdued light.  The laser was directed from right to left.  If one were to look at the vessel from in front at eye level, the Tyndall effect would be almost invisible.   It's hard to see but the red beam is striking the silver particles in the water and what is seen is the light reflecting off those particles.  A strong Tyndall effect would indicate large particles.  This picture was taken of colloidal silver made to 20 PPM strength.  By using constant current and also stirring the CS during production, we are able to make a quality product.  This is what one should see when looking for Tyndall


This laser will allow one to see the Tyndall effect very easily.  Just direct it through the colloidal dispersion and the beam will strike the particles and the light will be reflected off those particles.  Large particles will be seen as what is known as "sparklers". 

This is a very inexpensive way to see your colloidal silver and judge its characteristics.  See order page

The unit shown is a bright little flashlight with (8) super-bright white LEDs in a circle and a 5mW    red laser right in the middle. One click and it's a flashlight, another click and it's a laser pointer. (Note: flashlight and pointer can't be on at the same time.) Measures 4-3/8" long x 1-1/8" dia in dark silver aluminum with knurled grips at both ends, and comes with a black-canvas belt pouch and a wrist strap. The flashlight lasts 30 hours on a set of new alkaline batteries The laser will last hundreds of hours on one set of batteries.  (3 "AAA" heavy duty batteries included 

Laser-LED Flashlight

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    Priced at $19.95.  See order page.



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This sample was made by allowing constant current to flow during the production phase but we did NOT stir the CS.  Note the dark color and very strong Tyndall effect.   By not stirring the CS, the product is what would be called "agglomerated".  The dark color is from silver atoms linking together to form larger particles which reflect yellow light.  However, the sample is crystal clear, showing that constant low current does make a clear product.  We allowed this sample to become very dark to illustrate the effect of agglomeration.  Compare this sample with the one at the left and you can see the obvious difference between properly made CS and an inferior product.  This sample is about 35-40 PPM.  If this product had been made using constant voltage, it most likely would have been impossible to see through  because it would have become "muddy".


Please note:  In the above sample it is not necessary to look for the Tyndall effect in subdued light nor is it necessary to look down from above as in the picture at left in order to see the effect.  Agglomeration is obvious in improperly made CS




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