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The information on this page should be read in its entirety.  We don't think you'll see any information anywhere else as important as this regarding cancer and silver ions.

The following excerpts are from Dr. Robert O. Becker's books "The Body Electric" and "Cross Currents".  Dr. Becker's work with silver was mainly to determine how cell regeneration occurred.  He discovered that silver ions caused cancer cells to dedifferentiate and revert back to normal cells.  When he discussed publishing his findings he was told to not publish or he would receive the wrath of those that didn't want this type of information to be known.  He did publish and as a consequence lost all funding and subsequently went into retirement.  Nevertheless, this information is priceless. 

We have had several instances where people and animals with cancer had the cancers disappear in a short period of time and in all those cases no chemo or radiation was used.  The only thing used was fairly large amounts of ionic/colloidal silver taken daily.  We also have an instance of a 13 year old dog that was opened by a veterinarian and immediately sewn up with the comment "this dog will be gone in a few weeks".  The dog had lumps all over its body and the vet stated the dog had hemangioma sarcoma.  The dog was given CS as drinking water only and within a few days the cancers disappeared.  The dog resumed its normal life and the last we heard it was still going strong at age 15.  We subsequently lost contact but this shows that the placebo effect was not part of the response in this animal.


The Body Electric Chapter 8 Page 178

At this time, therefore, I must conclude that high-current electrodes (silver)  might enhance the growth of any preexisting tumor cells in the electrical path unlike low-current silver, which when negative had no effect on, and when positive suspended mitosis of cancer cells in our lab.

Page 224 The Body Electric

In my group's experiments with human fibrosarcoma cells in vitro, negative and positive currents both speeded up growth by over 300 percent. On the other hand, as mentioned in Chapter 8, we found that we could suspend mitosis in the fibrosarcoma cells with silver ions injected by minute levels of positive current. During one day of exposure, the cells appeared to dedifferentiate completely, and they stopped dividing for a month without additional treatment, even though we changed the nutrient medium regularly. Obviously, this entire subject needs to be investigated more thoroughly.

Robert O. Becker M.D.

Pages 164-166 cross currents

By Dr. Robert O. Becker

"In each case, the nonunions healed even faster than they would have if negative electrical currents had been used. In addition, the soft tissues and skin healed at the same extraordinary rate. The electrically generated silver ion was doing something more than killing bacteria it was also causing major growth stimulation of tissues in the wound.

When we finally tracked down exactly what was happening, we found that as human fibroblast cells (which are common throughout the body) were exposed to the electrically generated silver ions, they dedifferentiated. They were then able to multiply at a great rate, producing large numbers of primitive, embryonic cells in the wound even in patients over fifty years of age. These "uncommitted" cells were then able to differentiate into whatever cell types were needed to heal the wound. So what we were in fact doing was turning on regeneration in human tissues, which I had thought we would never be able to do.

In our previous studies of regeneration, we had found that in human beings, only bone-marrow cells could dedifferentiate. Because there were so few such cells, we thought that any regeneration in human beings (other than fracture healing) was impossible. The dedifferentiation of the abundant fibroblast cells by electrically generated silver ions may provide us with the means to restore regeneration to human patients.

While I was excited at this serendipitous discovery, my patients could have cared less how the wounds were healed. They were simply delighted at the fact that, at long last, a treatment had worked. Perhaps the most important moral in this story is that it demonstrates that no one can tell in advance what will happen in a scientific experiment.

Electrochemical therapy for cancer

Actually, this circuitous pathway led us back to one of our original aims, the control of cancer growth. If the electrically generated silver ion dedifferentiated normal human fibroblast cells, would it also dedifferentiate human cancer cells? If so, we would have a way to duplicate in human beings.   Dr. S. Meryl Rose's experiments with salamander cancers, in which dedifferentiated cancer cells dedifferentiated as normal cells. A lack of funds, unfortunately, prevented us from completing this work. However, we did find that some human cancer cells in culture appeared to dedifferentiate when exposed to these silver ions.

I also had a patient with a severe, chronic bone infection who had an associated cancer in the wound. He refused amputation, which would have been the treatment of choice, and insisted that I treat his infection with the silver technique. After three months, the infection was under control, and the cancer cells in the wound appeared to have changed back to normal. When I last heard from him, eight years after the treatment, he was still fine.

It is important to realize that this is not simply an electrical effect, but the result of the combined action of the electrical voltage and the electrically generated silver ions. It is an electrochemical treatment. While we do not have firm evidence at this time, what probably happens is that the silver ion is shaped so as to connect with some receptor group on the surface of the cancer-cell membrane. After that connection is made, an electrical-charge transfer sends a signal to the nucleus of the cancer cell that activates the primitive-type genes, and the cell dedifferentiates. In that state it awaits instructions as to what it is to become. The process is exactly the same as that in Rose's experiments, except that in this case the dedifferentiation is caused by the unexpected action of the positive silver ions.

This technique obviously requires more study before any clinical use can be made of its antitumor effect. However, it does appear to be a promising lead in an otherwise rather grim picture."


Some people have made statements that silver is a heavy metal and can induce cancer.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Here is an excellent rebuttal to one detractor of silver named Jonathan Campbell .   Marshal Dudley researched the silver/cancer claims and here is his information.   http://www.silver-colloids.com/Pubs/dark-side-rebutal.htm