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Operating Instructions for SilverGen Colloidal silver generators. 

These are simplified instructions. 

All generators come with a detailed operating instruction sheet.

French translation for SG6 EURO   http://grippe.a.h1n1.free.fr/files/NoticeFrancaisSiverGen.pdf
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If using the SG6 Auto to make CS, you may use a standard mouth quart or wide mouth container.  You may also use any vessel that allows the electrodes to be clear of the bottom or sides.   Water volume is not critical.  However, with large vessels, it may take some time for the process to start.  If that is the case, you may wish to add about 10% or more of a previous batch to your water to act as a "starter".  This starter will allow the current to flow more quickly.  It is best to use the quart size container. If using a larger vessel it will be necessary to stop the process and clean the negative electrode more than once.  It is not necessary if using a quart vessel. .

After placing the generator on your vessel, just set the control dial to any position from LOW to HIGH to make from about 5 to 15-20 PPM.  That's all there is to it.  The green light serves triple purpose.  If the green light comes on at startup the water is too conductive to be used.  It should not come on if the water is acceptable for use.  The water is not well distilled.  It is too conductive to be used.  If the green light comes on and immediately goes off that indicates the water is highly mineralized and the generator has shut down. 

After some period of time the green light comes on and you know the unit is up to speed and is generating CS.  That time can vary depending on water volume, water temperature, water conductivity and wetted electrode depth.  The longer the green light takes to come on, the lower the initial conductivity was and therefore the higher the quality of the distilled water.

The green light will stay lit until the process is complete.  When the green light goes out, the motor will also stop running and the process is done.  Shut the unit off and the CS is ready to use.  Filter it if you desire.  We do not recommend filtering.

SG7 Pro High Speed.  Place the electrode on the 5 gallon container.  Fill with distilled water up to within one half to 3/4 inches of the top of the electrodes.  Plug the cable into the back of the generator.  Insert the circulating pump into the container and let it reside in the bottom of the container.  Plug the pump into wall current so circulation starts.  Turn the generator ON and set the PPM control to the desired strength.  The RED power on indicator will light.  At the low end of the dial generator will produce at least 5 PPM and at the high end it will produce at least 20 PPM.  The production light next to the PPM dial will also come on, indicating the generator is working.  It will alternate colors between green and red about twice a minute or so.  This is because the polarity on the electrodes is reversing.   When the production light goes out, turn the pump off and let the circulating particles that were released from the electrodes fall to the bottom.  This will take a short period of time.  You can then open the spigot and drain the CS into convenient containers directly or filter if desired.   The amount of CS remaining in the bottom of the container provides starter for subsequent batches so there isn't any delay in getting up to speed.  We do not recommend filtering.  This generator does not produce colored CS.  It is always colorless if properly made.


We recommend you store your CS at room temperature.  We sometimes store it in soft drink containers such as the clear 2 liter soft drink containers. These containers are called PETE or PET plastic.  This allows us to see any color changes or fallout if it occurs. We have CS stored in these clear containers which is several years old with no sign of degradation.   You may also use clear glass vessels or the one gallon containers the distilled water comes in.  It is not necessary to store in dark colored vessels if you make it correctly.  It will remain clear and colorless if properly made.

The fact is, one can so easily make a new batch of CS, storage is generally not a problem.


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