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Determining PPM and adjusting generator parameters for repeatability.

If you have an SG7 Pro generator and want to have the generator produce a consistent PPM it is an easy task. 

There are several variables involved in making ionic/colloidal silver.  They are water conductivity, water temperature, wetted electrode depth, electrode spacing, generator shutoff voltage which is determined by dial setting and the internal calibration of the generator.

Fill the container with room temperature distilled or deionized water with a given amount of silver electrode exposed above the water surface.  Choose an arbitrary amount...an inch for example.

The electrodes are held the same distance apart by the epoxy casting at the top of the electrode.  Do not change the spacing.

Set the dial to HIGH with the submersible pump in the container and running with visible water movement at the surface.  Turn the generator on.  The production light will indicate the process is underway by alternating color between red and green twice a minute or so.

Choose a target PPM.  15 PPM for example, as measured with the PWT meter.

Occasionally during production immerse the meter into the water according to instructions and make note of the reading.  The readings will begin at the initial distilled water conductivity and will continually increase as production proceeds.

When the PWT meter reads 15.0 slowly turn the dial toward LOW until the generator shuts off.  You can place a piece of tape on the front panel and make a pen or pencil mark to show where the dial setting is at shutoff.

You now have control of wetted depth, spacing and the shutoff point.  There is nothing more to do. Make sure you fill the container so the wetted depth is the same each batch.  Then set the dial to the same point and the generator will produce the same PPM each time by shutting off at the predetermined setting.

If you leave less silver exposed at the top...or decrease the electrode spacing the generator will shut off sooner and the PPM will be less.  If you leave more silver exposed...or increase the electrode spacing the generator will shut off later and the PPM will be higher.  You can see there are several ways to adjust and/or control the shutoff point for consistency.