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How many times have you seen advertisements for colloidal silver generators that promise small particles? The fact is, most units on the market today can't deliver uniformity because they use a constant voltage source to create the silver particles in the water.   Our colloidal silver generators consistently produce particles between .001 and .005 microns in size.  See our electron microscopy photographs for proof.

THE KEY QUESTION TO ASK IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BUYING A COLLOIDAL SILVER GENERATOR FROM SOMEONE ELSE.   "Is your generator a constant voltage device?".  If they answer "Yes" then you will be getting an uncontrollable device.  It doesn't matter if the voltage is provided by a transformer/rectifier or batteries.  Constant voltage generators are rudimentary and you will probably be unhappy with the device in the long run.  They just aren't much good.

The problem is this. Distilled water is a fairly good insulator. With a constant voltage connected to silver electrodes in distilled water, the initial current flow is very low because the water has high resistance to electron flow. However, as the silver ions and particles finally do start to accumulate in the water, the resistance in the water goes down from the conductive silver content now building up.

All the silver is coming off the anode (positive electrode) as ions (single atoms, missing an electron).  They carry a positive electrical charge because of the lack of that electron.  However some of them are able to connect together and share an electron in their outer ring.  When this happens they are then locked together and no longer carry an electrical charge.  They are then called a colloid (a cluster of 2 or more atoms).

The ions are dissolved into the water just as salt or sugar will dissolve in water.  The water becomes conductive because of the ions.  This causes the current flow to increase and as a consequence, the silver colloids (particles) begin to increase in size (they attract more ions to themselves, like a growing snowball.)   As more silver is torn from the positive electrode (anode) the process is accelerated until one has to stop the process because the particles (colloids) become so large they begin to fall out of suspension.    They are also reflecting light and the first color seen is yellow.  It is called agglomeration.

One way to prevent this is to quickly separate the ions from each other so they do not share an electron ring.  It is done by stirring the water to disperse them.  This can be done by mechanical stirring, thermal heating or bubbling air through the water.  All these methods will do the job but there are some drawbacks to thermal and bubbling methods.  Thermal stirring works best in lower volumes of water.  It is not advisable to use any heat system that warms the water too much since that will contribute to an increase in particle size.  As an example it is alright to use a small wattage light bulb under the production vessel but it would not be appropriate to use a larger volume container and place it on a hotplate because the water would become too warm before the process was complete.  There would be a preponderance of large colloids and the water would most likely turn yellow colored from the large particles.  Bubbling can add dust, nitrogen and CO2 to the water, none of which is beneficial.  There are about 10,000 dust particles per cubic foot of air at floor level and of course less as one moves up but it is still a large number.

We use mechanical stirring because it does not introduce any contaminants and is completely controllable instead of relying on variables such as water temperature and/or quality of air being pumped.  We use an electric motor in the SG6 Auto and a submersible pump in the SG7 Pro.

If the particles of silver are truly colloidal, they will be suspended in the water because they are not heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the vessel.  Larger particles are too heavy to remain suspended, so they fall to the bottom of the vessel. So, uniformity of size is VERY important. Most manufacturers do not tell you this fact because their generators are not capable of making SMALL, uniform size particles except for brief periods of time. That is, only so long as the current flow is LOW. That is why some manufacturers tell you to put salt in the water at the start and run the unit for a few minutes only. Adding salt to the water increases the conductivity of the water which gets the reaction started quickly.  You are then told to run the unit for only a short period of time because they know the reaction will be too violent if left to run very long.  This is not good. Salt in the water creates silver chloride. What we want are pure silver colloidal particles and silver ions.

Our generators produce about 85-95+% ionic silver and the balance is colloidal.  The colloidal portion is what you see when you look at the electron microscope pictures on our website.  The ions are too small to be seen with the microscope.  Most researchers and experts are convinced it is the ions that do the most effective healing by killing all bacteria and viruses they come in contact with..  The ions also have the ability to initiate stem cell growth which leads to rapid healing.

Using salt in the water creates two or more silver products; a chloride and a colloid.  Even more chlorides can be produced, depending on what was in the salt. As you may know, sea salt contains almost all minerals known to man. This is because all streams and rivers flow into the sea and carry the minerals they come in contact with into the sea. And that is why the sea water is mineralized. When one dries seawater to get the salt from it, they have a representative sample of what has flowed into the sea. The salt is composed of all the minerals the fresh water has picked up during its travel to the ocean. So, you can see using sea salt would be the worst material you could use to make the water conductive. These minerals would combine with the silver to form many different silver chlorides. That is NOT what we want. We want only ionic silver, colloidal particles and pure water to be in the final product.

The colloidal particles tend to stay equidistant from each other in the dispersion.  This is caused by what is called Brownian motion.  The water is always in slight motion and since the particles are so small they do not sink but are continually moving around in the water.  They tend to then be equally dispersed throughout the water.  The colloids can be seen by directing a strong, narrow beam of light through the suspension.  The beam of light will reflect the light off the silver particles and it will appear as a foggy beam.  With the light off, the dispersion will be quite clear.  The best way to see this effect is to use a laser beam.  The small pocket models work quite well for this purpose.  If you use a flashlight, try to do it in the dark and you will get the best result.  This is called the Tyndall effect.

Most units on the market today use a voltage source which is usually between 27 and 36 volts D.C. This can be supplied easily by using either 3 or 4 - 9 volt batteries in series to produce the voltage. This is not a problem. In fact it can be very useful because the generator can be used anywhere at anytime and not be dependent on the electrical power system. If one is on an outing, boating, traveling or living where house wall current is not available, it can be a boon to have a battery powered unit.

The problem with the battery powered units and most of those powered from the wall current is, the voltage is not reduced as silver is released from the electrodes.  This causes the silver to be released from the electrodes at a faster and faster rate as the water becomes more conductive.  By reducing the voltage as the water becomes more conductive the current remains the same and the particle size is kept constant. This is what we strive for when making colloidal silver.

What is the proper way to make colloidal silver? It is to use a power source that can reduce the voltage in order to maintain current flow at a preset maximum value.  This is called a constant current source.  Remember, the voltage only makes the current flow.  It is the current that makes the silver particles come off the electrodes. If the current is too low, no silver particles will be formed and if there is too much current flow, the particles will be too large and will not be colloidal.   It is a tricky combination.

We at SilverGen have one of the only colloidal silver generators on the market which uses a constant current source.  Our top of the line model SG6 Auto has a built in stirring motor to eliminate agglomeration and also has an automatic shutoff circuit and a variable PPM control so you can just set it for the strength you want and when the light goes out it's ready to use.  No clip leads or external electrodes to bother with. 

The SG7 Pro uses the same technology carried one step further.  It can produce CS 30 times more quickly than the SG6 Auto.  It also produces 5 gallons at a time rather than a quart.  It is the generator of choice if you want large volumes of the finest Ionic/colloidal silver that can be produced.

We prefer to not sell the colloidal silver liquid because we feel it is better for you to make it yourself.  Having a colloid generator is an investment for your well being that is much better than having to search for the colloidal silver when you need it.  And you can make it any strength you want.  Generally, when you buy colloidal silver water, you never can tell the strength of the solution or what other products may have gone into making the product.  

After looking at all the information regarding colloidal silver generators, you may have come to the conclusion that they are mostly all the same as far as operation.  In most cases, what you get for your money is a box with three or four 9 volt batteries connected in series with a switch to turn it on, a light bulb in the circuit which will light up if the terminals are accidentally touched together (it acts as a fuse which won't blow in case of a short circuit), a couple of leads with clips and two silver electrodes which in most cases are small gauge silver wires.   You really don't get very much for the amount of money you pay.

Our generators are NOT battery operated.  They work off regular house current and have electronic circuitry which allows our units to make ionic/colloidal silver which is uniform in particle size and is consistent.  Our SG6 Auto generators contain a printed circuit board, transformer, full wave bridge rectifier, diodes, resistors, capacitors, transistors, a stirring motor and other electronic components.   In addition, our electrodes are 1/4 inch wide and 5 inches long and are made of 28 gauge .9999 fine silver.  They have about 2 1/2 times the surface area of the wire electrodes supplied by others.  This reduces current density by the same factor, resulting in smaller particles.

Our SG7 Pro unit is considerably more sophisticated and uses many more electronic components than the smaller models.  Not only does it use constant current but it uses a timing circuit and switching relay to reverse the electrode polarity at regular intervals.  This allows the electrodes to be self cleaning which is just one more advanced feature not found on other units.   Normally the cathode (negative electrode) will attract some of the positively charged silver from the water during production.  This buildup or coating acts as an insulator and will impede the process unless it is removed.  By reversing the polarity any buildup is repelled from the negative electrodes when they become positive in charge.  The elemental silver will then fall to the bottom of the vessel because it is not colloidal and is too heavy to stay suspended.  You will not have to stop the process to clean the electrodes with the SG7 Pro even if you were to make 50 gallons at one time.  This is a wonderful feature.

What we offer is a "constant current" generator.  Battery operated units are basically a "constant voltage" device.  What this all means can be broken into two explanations.

 Constant current and constant voltage generatorsWhat's good and bad about them.

You may also have noticed that other manufacturers seem to have different techniques for making the colloidal silver.  They may ask you to add salt, heat the water, throw the solution out if it becomes muddy and start over, run the unit for short periods of time only and other requirements.  None of this is necessary if one uses a "constant current" generator.  All the variables are accounted for automatically. 

If the water is warm, the initial constant current will be reached a bit sooner than if cold water was used and timing may start a bit earlier.  The water temperature will not control timing or strength of the solution once the target current is reached.  Target current is low, so it takes very little time before the colloidal particles are being formed. 

Salt is unnecessary and is a detriment to proper operation.  NEVER use salt.   It will produce silver chloride which is a silver salt.  We are looking for the metallic silver particles and ionic silver only.  A constant current generator will make ONLY electrically charged ionic particles and metallic colloids and it does NOT need additives to start the process.

Proper timing is necessary to produce the quantity of silver in solution but it is NOT necessary to stop the current flow after a short period of time as most units require.   Using those battery powered units, which are constant voltage generators are the equivalent of driving an automobile with the gas pedal stuck to the floor.  They will run away with you and are uncontrollable.  Constant current puts you back in control.  Don't settle for less than the best. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this far.   Please see the "TECHNICAL" page for complete information on the difference between constant current and constant voltage generators.  It will open your eyes to the problems associated with constant voltage.

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