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Does Colloidal Silver Stay In Your System?

Do you wonder what happens to CS when you drink it.  Here's the answer.   "Colloidal Silver.  Where does it go when you drink it?  How long does it stay there?"  This paper was written by Roger Altman. 

NOTE:  This paper requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer before you can access it.  This file is slow to load so be patient.


How does ionic and colloidal Silver Work 

Here is a link that will help you see how and why Silver kills all single cell organisms it comes in contact with.




Here's some more information on whether ionic or particulate (colloidal) is more efficacious and whether the ionic portion is neutralized before entering the bloodstream.  This is from the silver list.  Ivan is a respected researcher and lives in New Zealand.

"Well, I was bound to comment on the ionic vs elemental colloid thread

Firstly the idea that silver ions precipitate out in the alimentary
tract, and never make it to the blood stream, is pure speculation.
This theory is most eloquently proposed by Purest Colloids who market
a product of high elemental colloid percentage.

However the theory, I believe, is pretty much debunked by an article
which is (ironically) found on the Purest Colloids sister web site:
NOTE:  This is the study shown above.

This study was written by Roger Altman (who used to grace this list
with his not inconsiderable presence) and details the elimination vs
ingestion of what would be a high ionic percentage CS. He found that
pretty much what is ingested is what comes out, and that a high
percentage comes out in the urine. Now these ions did not get into the
urine by precipitating out and not getting into the blood stream,
obviously the blood stream is exactly where they ended up.

The fact that a high percentage of ingested ions emerged in the urine
also suggests that little is bound in the tissues (at least in this
case) which further suggests that in order to develop argyria, a large
amount of silver must be consumed, and/or specific (and unusual?)
circumstances are present, such as deficiencies in vitamin E and/or
selenium (or perhaps overdose of selenium, as suggested by some

What the fate of silver ions in the blood before elimination is moot,
however my own observations would suggest that they are at least as
effective as elemental colloids in controlling infection... so don't
throw away your 9v battery generator just yet!



A Site With Great Information

Here's a site with information you would have a long time finding searching for by yourself.  It is continually being expanded and improved on, so check back often.

This site also has a FORUM page so you can either add a testimonial or view testimonials of other colloidal silver users.  Feel free to add your own testimonial while visiting the site.

"Although when possible the staff of Silvermedicine.org makes every effort to ensure accuracy in claims, we cannot guarantee the validity of the information presented, and therefore strongly encourage all viewers to exercise good judgment when evaluating the colloidal silver testimonials presented. Testimonials are offered to the public as an information resource by private researchers, and are not presented as medical claims nor are they offered as medical advice. Silver colloids, ionic silver solutions, and other colloidal silver products have been determined by the FDA to be unclassified drugs, and are not approved for use as medicine. "

CS Facts


Here is another site with enough information to keep you busy for some time and it will also answer many of your questions. 


The American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US.  Here is an article that should cause you to do everything in your power to stay away from Doctors and hospitals.  It is called DEATH BY MEDICINE and proves that general medicine is the number one cause of death in the United States.  Don't pass this article by.  Please read it.  It will open your eyes to how we are treated.

CANCER and Silver Ions.

Here are excerpts from Dr. Robert O. Becker's work showing his results using silver ions to cause cancer cells to dedifferentiate and return to normal.  This is powerful information.


Do you wonder what it is?  Do you wonder if you will get it?  Do you worry about turning blue?  Read this for all the information you'll ever need on the subject.  Basically it is a non issue.  You would drown from water toxicity before ever reaching the silver level required to get the condition.  And ionic/colloidal silver has never been shown to cause the condition.  Good information is also on the following links.

Here is a good link to Argyria on the Silver Medicine website

Here is another good link on the "Argyria cured" forum at Eytons' Earth website

Smallpox outbreak: What to do

This is a very informative speech given by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny   This will remove a lot of the misinformation regarding the perceived panic the public has been warned to prepare for.  Read this BEFORE you get vaccinated.  And remember: CS kills all bacteria and viruses known so far.


The real facts on colloidal silver

Here is a link with a lot of information you will not find elsewhere.  It was made by Marshall Dudley,  a highly respected researcher.  He is a member of the silver list mentioned below.



The facts about distilled, deionized, filtered and reverse osmosis water.  This site has all the information you'll ever need regarding water.  It explains the difference between distilled, filtered, deionized and reverse osmosis water.


Colloidal Silver Newsgroup

For those who wish to join a colloidal silver discussion group, we recommend the "silver-list".  It is very open, the moderator is friendly and the list members are very helpful.   This is a list where you can share experiences, learn about what others are doing and also get more general knowledge about colloidal silver.  

The Silver List archives have been resurrected after being down for years. They will provide you with many hours of interesting information.   See  http://www.mail-archive.com/silver-list@eskimo.com/

Antibiotic Resistance

Here's some information on antibiotic resistance showing up around the world and probable causes as to why.

General Information About Colloidal Silver

Here's an informative and well written article found on the internet:  It is written by Peter Lindemann


Here's a site with the best bibliography I have seen.  There are over 50 pages of references.    Mr. Holladay has done a lot of searching and researching in order to gather this much data.  Good work Robert.

Here is a well written book.



Colloidal Silver: A Literature Review: Medical Uses, Toxicology & Manufacture - Second Edition - By John Hill, D.C.

Stem cell and Fibroblast cell regeneration. 

A patented method by Dr.Robert O Becker.  Silver ions cause complete regeneration in many cases.  This method is a very good read.  It works on burns and many other type injuries.


                                           An article by Dr. Len Horowitz.  Well worth reading

How to use a tabletop water distiller to produce very low conductivity, high quality distilled water used to make ionic/colloidal silver water.

1.    Remove the carbon discharge filter.  It makes the water conductive.

2.    Fill the boiling chamber no more than 3/4 full.

3.    Distill only 1/2 gallon into the receiver.

4.    Discard the remainder in the boiling chamber.

5.    Repeat steps 2,3 and 4.  You now have one gallon in the receiver.

6.    Put 3/4 gallon of this water in the boiling chamber.

7.    Distill only 1/2 gallon into the receiver.

You now have what is called double distilled water.

Allow to cool and try to use it.  It should measure less than 1 microsiemen using a PWT meter..


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