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SG7 Pro High Speed / High Volume Generator


The SG7 Pro is a high speed / high volume generator which can produce high quality ionic/colloidal silver at the rate of about 1 gallon per hour or more at a concentration of 10 PPM.  Or it can make 2 gallons per hour or more at 5 PPM.  Or 15 PPM per gallon in 1 1/2 hours or less.  These are approximate times because the generator does not use a timer.  It determines when to shut off by measuring the ionic silver content of the water.  It will run until the appropriate PPM desired is obtained in any volume of water.  Although we supply a 5 gallon production container you can use any reasonable size vessel of your choosing from 1 to 25 or more gallons and the unit will always shut off at the setting and PPM you want.  It is highly repeatable from batch to batch.

It shares some functions with the SG6.  It has variable PPM control, constant current control and automatic shutoff.  It also has another function which allows the electrodes to be self cleaning.  You do not need to wipe the electrodes after making a batch of CS.   When the cycle is complete, you merely open the spigot on the container and allow the liquid to drop into your storage containers.  It will be necessary to allow settling of the CS before draining as there is a circulating pump in the container that will keep all particles in motion until the pump is turned off.   The particles of elemental silver which are continually being removed from the self cleaning electrodes during production will normally fall to the bottom of the vessel after the pump is turned off.  Once those particles have settled, you may start the draining process.  Or, you may filter the colloidal silver if desired.

The current flow is 30 times that of our standard models, so you can see it produces CS 30 times faster in a given amount of water. 

We state the output of these generators will be from 5 to 15 PPM but we actually calibrate these units to over 20 PPM at the "High" setting.  That way, you can be assured of getting at least 15 PPM or more if you so desire.  We do NOT recommend filtering.  It can cause agglomeration if you use an improper filter.


SG7 Colloidal Silver Generator Electrode Assembly      (3373 bytes)

The strut and electrode assembly sits on top of any vessel but is designed to be used with the container provided.   You are not limited to using any particular size container.  If you use a larger vessel the strut will need to have an extension in order to keep it from falling into the water.  All that is required is the electrodes be immersed in the water to the proper depth. The electrode assembly is removable from the strut and easily replaceable.  Or it can be attached to your own strut if you wish.


SG7 Colloidal Silver Generator Production Vessel     (6716 bytes)


This container holds 5 gallons.  It is FDA approved for food service.  The electrode sits on top of the container and the electrodes are immersed in the water about 5+ inches.  The electrode is composed  of 4 silver plates each 1.5" in width X 6" long.   This electrode has approximately 15 times the surface area of our SG6 Auto model.  The electrode is attached to the cross strut with through bolts and nylon wing nuts.  It is replaceable and includes the 6 foot long cord which plugs into the generator.  The electrode may be placed on any convenient sized vessel other than the vessel supplied by SilverGen  The only difference will be the processing time.  Larger or smaller volumes of water will require a proportionately longer or shorter run time.

The container is supplied with a tight fitting lid.  You can lift the electrode off and store all components inside and seal it from external contamination when not in use.  This allows easy storage of your system components.

SG7 Pro Colloidal Silver Generator inside view

As you can see, the SG7 Pro contains electronics rather than a transformer or a few batteries as most units on the market.  This is state of the art circuitry for producing ionic/colloidal silver.


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